On stage

“Ms. Lucas’s poetic staging…
provides a satisfying frame
for them without twisting
itself in any narrative knots…”
– Charles Isherwood, New York Times

and screen,

“Elizabeth Lucas’ pop-ornamented
“Clear Blue Tuesday” virtually
demands that viewers admire its
– John Anderson, Variety

bold choices

“Elizabeth Lucas’s direction is riveting.”
– Suzanna Bowling, The Examiner

that honor text

“Director Elizabeth Lucas deftly
guides her actors through a
psychological drama turned musical,
bringing the characters to life”
– Steve Angelucci, Atlantic City Weekly

and amplify theme,

“…the masterful direction
of Elizabeth Lucas beautifully
captures the spirit and essence
of the show”
– Debbie Forman, Cape Cod Times

detailed characters

“Lucas makes sure her cast works every
nuance…and the result is that even the most
minor characters come to life and create
a world with reality and depth”
– Steven V. Cronin, Atlantic City Press

whether large ensembles

“…she created a seamless, fluid, kinetic
telling of the tale that made comprehension
both clear and effortless.”
– Clark Gesner, Brooklyn Heights Press

or solo narrative,

“Elizabeth Lucas’ direction was
nothing short of fantastic-
it’s rare one person onstage
can not only hold my attention,
but keep me enthralled
for over an hour.”
– All That Chat on Talkin’ Broadway

visual storytelling

“…having a female director behind the
camera really gave the picture a tone of
originality that many of today’s indie
slasher films are missing.”
– horrormoviesandstuff.com

at a cinematic pace,

“Lucas moves her cast with great skill
as time, place and focus fluidly change.
The ensemble work is excellent.”
– Debbie Forman, Cape Cod Times


“…the novelty, invention, surprise and
theatricality of the use of these musical
elements to tell this story is quite remarkable…”
– Clark Gesner, Brooklyn Heights Press

in many genres,

“…director Elizabeth A. Lucas
keeps the rollicking fun and games
and wham-bang special effects
coming pell mell.”
– Nancy Maes, Chicago Tribune

both intimate

“Lucas…creates an intense yet intimate show. Bring a tissue.”
– Amy Tagliaferri, Cape Cod Chronicle

and epic:

“invigorating staging from director Elizabeth
Lucas that unites the Goth-concert
culture with Broadway practicalities
more seamlessly than conventional wisdom
has traditionally considered possible.”
– Matthew Murray, Talkin Broadway

Elizabeth Lucas