In the course of seven incredible Tuesdays over seven tumultuous years, eleven New Yorkers are transformed by love, desire, art, ambition, fury, grief, faith, fear, hope and, ultimately, connection with each other in the rousing indie rock musical drama, CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY. Up-and-coming director Elizabeth Lucas and a cast of actor-singer-songwriters drawn from the worlds of the rock scene, comedy clubs and Broadway stage have created a wholly unique musical motion picture experience about the persistence of love and the resilient heart of a city in the face of catastrophe. Bursting with pop melodies, sly humor and stirring emotions, CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY is a fresh, impassioned testament to everyday transcendence.

When I kissed her one clear blue Tuesday in September,

It all begins on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 – but it’s about what comes after. In the wake of their own personal encounters with disaster, a group of interconnected New Yorkers begin to grapple with – and rediscover – the dreams that first brought them to the city. Rose (BECCA AYERS), an artist, spirals downwards even as her boyfriend, Kyle (ASA SOMERS), throws himself into climbing the corporate ladder. Daniel (JEREMY SCHONFELD) and Reena (JULIE DANAO) are starting a new family, but face a ghost in their relationship. Caroline (JAN O’DELL), a steely businesswoman searches for her lost son – and herself – after a devastating injury. Sam (CASSANDRA KUBINSKI), a wanna-be actress newly arrived in the city, and her roommate Etta (ERIN HILL), a quirky Sci Fi harpist with a troubled family, puzzle over how to find love and fulfillment. Meanwhile, Ricardo (ROBI HAGER), a soulful porter, and Jain (VEDANT GOKHALE), who drifts unfocused from job to job, as well as two musicians – the exuberant front-man for the Heavy Sex Trio, Syd (BROTHER LOVE), and the seemingly anonymous street performer, Jack (GREG NAUGHTON) – find their lives impacting others in ways they never imagined.

As the camera and the music penetrate these eleven diverse but inter-woven worlds on seven different September Tuesdays, the audience witnesses as each one discovers how to breathe the clear blue air all over again.

I didn’t know I’d never see her again.

CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY was created via an inventive process combining improvisation, character development and deeply personal songwriting. The film is directed by Elizabeth Lucas and written by Lucas and the film’s cast. The executive producer is Al Parinello, with Joel Ehrlich and Phyllis Ehrlich serving as co-executive producers. The producers are Lucas, Daniel Wallace and Trish Whitehurst, and associate producers are Alexander Hammer and Julie Miller. The film’s release will be accompanied by a soundtrack album featuring the songs that form the heart of the story.

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