Stage / Musical / Director

“…the novelty, invention, surprise and theatricality of the use of these musical elements to tell this story is quite remarkable…if all of the above is due to director Elizabeth A. Lucas, then let us just praise her, for her selections, and what she accomplished on stage. From small emotional moments to large stage pictures, she created a seamless, fluid, kinetic telling of the tale that made comprehension both clear and effortless. Very nice… it is a rich and spicy stew, something to be savored, and, in this production, a quite wonderfully realized expression of theatrical abilities.”

Clark Gesner, Brooklyn Heights Press

“…the credit for this successful and entertaining staging can be shared by the skilled director Elizabeth A. Lucas and her talented cast…the biggest tribute goes to director Lucas, who manages to keep the action flowing smoothly as the actors move from drama to dance, from comedy to cruelty.”

– Paulanne Simmons, The Brooklyn Papers