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Clear Blue Tuesday

Matthew Murray, BroadwayStars.com

"Of the many artistic works that have attempted to make sense of September 11, 2001, none has captured the New York perspective of the quietly hellish aftermath of the destruction of the World Trade Center better than Clear Blue Tuesday. The musical film, which was conceived, directed, and partially written by Elizabeth Lucas...examines the tragedy itself only obliquely. It focuses instead on the long-lasting effects of that violation of national and personal security on 11 New Yorkers, and through them you come to understand the day's loss—and potential gains—in ways you couldn't even if you were surrounded by CGI explosions. That's no small feat for any dramatic presentation, let alone a low-budget film...Yet it is accomplished, with impressive clarity, seriousness, and even humor..."

Mike Hale, New York Times

"“Clear Blue Tuesday,” a pop musical about living in New York post-9/11, is earnest and well meaning and, while dangerously sentimental at times, never quite crosses the line into maudlin. It also has an attractive cast of actors and singers culled from New York stages and clubs. The good vibes are palpable, despite the sadness of much of the material, and you may find yourself moved by a rooftop serenade or a subway platform reunion."

John Anderson, Variety

"Elizabeth Lucas' pop-ornamented "Clear Blue Tuesday" virtually demands that viewers admire its chutzpah."

New York Magazine

"This 9/11-themed musical about eleven New Yorkers reexamining their lives in the wake of trauma is an admirable attempt to do something different with a difficult subject. The songs are good and the characters are engaging.''


In the course of seven incredible Tuesdays over seven tumultuous years, eleven New Yorkers are transformed by love, desire, art, ambition, fury, grief, faith, fear, hope and, ultimately, connection with each other in the rousing indie rock musical drama, CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY. Up-and-coming director Elizabeth Lucas and a cast of actor-singer-songwriters drawn from the worlds of the rock scene, comedy clubs and Broadway stage have created a wholly unique musical motion picture experience about the persistence of love and the resilient heart of a city in the face of catastrophe. Bursting with pop melodies, sly humor and stirring emotions, CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY is a fresh, impassioned testament to everyday transcendence.


Asa Somers, Becca Ayers, Brother Love, Cassandra Kubinski, Robi Hager, Erin Hill, Greg Naughton, Janice L. O'Dell, Jeremy Schonfeld, Julie Danao-Salkin, Vedant Gokhale


James Naughton, Julia Murney, Kelli O'Hara, Chris Anderson, Chris Orbach, Christian Cambell, Christopher J Hanke, Hollis Scarborough, Marsha Lawson, Mary Ellen Ashley, Ramona Keller




MYTHS & HYMNS is a song cycle by Adam Guettel for which I wrote and directed a narrative, presented by Prospect Theatre in NYC. A description of that project is coming, but in the meantime, please enjoy this trailer and this video about the process.

Wild About Harry

This is a dance narrative. Excerpts and concept to come.