PLAYDATE | 72-Hr Film Challenge

Made in 72 hours and premiering October 13, 2017 at the Weinberg in Frederick, MD, PLAYDATE is a funny and touching look at a playdate gone wrong.

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To make an ad with four days notice and no budget for a startup with a pitch opportunity, I used what I had at hand. My little actresses were even somewhat cooperative.

FADE TO WHITE | Excerpt – Heaven is White

Three interlocking stories set in the future, each 50 years apart but all in the same Central Park location, reveal that the unexpected consequences of love lost can echo across generations.

Part 3: In 2130, a twenty-something brother and sister, who have spent their whole lives in an underground dwelling pod with nothing but movies and television from the previous centuries as their companion, are banished from their colony. They must confront the inhospitable surface of their destroyed planet to find a new home and discover whether life above ground is still possible.

Shot on six winter days, mostly in Central Park, featuring Santino Fontana, Liz Holtan, Tom Gualtieri, and written by Erin Hill

ZAPATA! | New York Musical Theatre Festival

Elizabeth Lucas’ direction shows “…a unity of purpose and approach rarely seen in a production so young.”

– Robert Windeler, Backstage

PLAYBILL: The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF), LC Productions and Julie Miller present the world premiere of Zapata! The Musical July 24-29 at the Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre at the Pershing Square Signature Center

Directed by Elizabeth Lucas (PTC’s Myths and Hymns), the cast features Natalie Toro ( A Tale of Two Cities, Les Miserables), Enrique Acevedo (Michael John LaChiusa’s Giant), Andrew Call ( American Idiot, Cry Baby, Altar Boyz), Eliseo Roman ( Leap of Faith, In the Heights), Maria Eberline ( Wicked), Blanca Camacho ( In the Heights), Tony Castellanos ( Jesus Christ Superstar national tour), Victor Hernandez ( Bonnie & Clyde), Jen Anaya, Erin Maya, Grisel Pren Monje, Marco Antonio Santiago ( The Wedding Singer national tour), Henry Gainza, Nick Duckart, Carlos Gonzalez ( In the Heights national tour), Sasha Hollinger (In the Heights national tour) and Santiago Spivey.

Zapata! The Musical, which tells the story of Emiliano Zapata — hero of the Mexican revolution — who appears in the 21st century to inspire a member of the Occupy Wall Street movement, has music and lyrics by L.A./Nashville songwriter Peter Edwards and a book by Edwards and Ana Edwards.

In the Heights assistant choreographer and performer Luis Salgado provides choreography and musical staging with Jesse Vargas (Glory Days, The Ritz) providing musical arrangements and orchestrations.

Other members of the creative team include general manager Julie Miller, musical director Kenneth Gartman, assistant musical director Charles Santoro, lighting designer Herrick Goldman, scenic and props designer Aaron Scheckler, costume designer Asa Benally, sound designer Jason T. Hurley, dramaturg Anne Davison, production stage manager Annelise Castleberry and assistant stage managers Katie Kavett and John Nehlick. Valeria Cossu and Grisel Pren Monje are the assistants to the choreographer.


Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.

~Mark Twain

Captain Gravy’s Wavy Navy

Captain Gravy’s Wavy Navy is a psychedelic musical adventure featuring our hero, Captain Gravy and his arch-nemesis, the greasy grimy Mu Pollu, the Duke of Dirt. The Captain, with his trusted Wavy Navy and the ever-changing “Hip Ship”, travels the universe to save the world from Mu, the ruler of the Dirty Empire. The show juxtaposes the Captain’s utopian paradise, the River of Life, against Mu Pollu’s toxic world of filth, garbage and stench.

"...having a female director behind the camera really gave the picture a tone of originality that many of today's indie slasher films are missing."

The New York Times

The New York Times

/ Prospect Theatre

“Ms. Lucas’s poetic staging...provides a satisfying frame for them without twisting itself in any narrative knots...”

Lisa Kimberly


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John Doe

Deisgner / Sony

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